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Our Staff

Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board Staff

Lynn Hammonds LYNN HAMMONDS Executive Director Lynn Hammonds serves as the Executive Director of HTSB. She provides executive services to the Board, supervises HTSB staff and assists in the development of activities, policies and procedures for effective and efficient organization and implementation of the Board’s policies. After taking office she was instrumental in revising the license renewal process; deploying the online licensing system; revising HTSB’s Administrative Rules; finalizing a Memorandum of Agreement for Data Sharing with the Hawaii Department of Education; facilitating license reciprocity with other states and introducing “green initiatives” into office operations. Lynn is a graduate of Union University with a degree in French, Social Studies and Education, holds a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Memphis, and is a doctoral student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She was among the first teachers certified in 1999 by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards as a Middle Childhood Generalist. Lynn taught for twenty-five years in elementary, middle and high school and has worked as a technology representative for a computer company in Hawaii and Southern California. She served a member of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCATE) Board of Examiners, a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Master Teacher, a NASA Mentor Teacher and as a support provider for the California Beginning Teacher Support Assessment (BTSA) Program.  Lynn was  elected by her fellow licensing agency state directors to a second term as Western Region Director for the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).  She is also Vice President of the Professional Educator Standards Board Association (PESBA), an organization composed of state licensing agencies that operate as independent boards, and has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation, a quality assurance association in the field of educator preparation.
Topher Erickson DR. TOPHER ERICKSON Specialist Dr. Topher Erickson practiced social work with runaway and homeless youth for 10 years before undertaking graduate work in cultural anthropology at American University in Washington DC. His research explores the intersections of social movements, social work and nonprofit organizations in Hawaii. Dr. Erickson continues scholarship in examining systems of power, gender and social justice. As well as how social and cyber space influence our day-to-day interactions. Topher has taught social science courses in higher education in Washington DC and Honolulu for over 12 years. He brings multiple years of experience with curriculum review and implementation in higher education. Dr. Erickson is committed to self-assessment, integrity, and being of service.
Lorrin Toma LORRIN TOMA Data Manager Lorrin Toma serves as the Data Manager for HTSB. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Asian studies from the University of Hawaii-Manoa and is a member of the Golden Key Honors Society. Lorrin has been employed as a SLEP (Second Language English Proficiency) teaching assistant at Ka`iulani Elementary and upon graduating from the University of Hawaii, he has taught English in Japan at Miyake-jima High School and Tachikawa High School in the JET program. After returning to Hawaii in 1999, Lorrin worked as a Network Administrator for Watanabe, Ing and Kawashima LLP, the Department of Health Developmental Disabilities Division, and the Department of the Attorney General.
Jill Agena JILL AGENA Secretary Jill Agena has served as the HTSB Secretary since 2006.
LOUISE LOPEZ Office Assistant
Behr BEHR Dr. Behrickson, or “Behr,” serves Dr. Erickson as a diabetic alert dog (DAD). Using his keen sense of smell, he signals Dr. Erickson to any critical hypoglycemic episodes induced by injected insulin. Born in Amarillo, Texas, Behr completed one year of obedience and six months of scent training before being paired with Topher in October, 2008 – he has been at his side ever since. When not on the job, Behr enjoys licking the floor, his paws and his immediate surroundings vigorously. As he enters the winter of his life, Behr has found sleeping to be a rewarding pastime and has honed his snoring-craft.
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