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National Board Certification

To view the list of National Board Certified teachers click the following link:


Resources that support National Board Certification

National Board Certification Scholarship (ALU LIKE)
The purpose of the National Board Certification Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to Department of Education (DOE) and Public Charter School teachers and educators seeking National Board Certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

The ideal applicant meets one or more of the following:
  1. Be of Native Hawaiian Ancestry;
  2. Teaching in a school with a high percentage of Native Hawaiian students.

Additionally, the application should be a candidate seeking certification with plans to teach in a DOE or Public Charter school in Hawaii after completing the National Board program.

For more information about the ALU LIKE scholarship opportunity please visit their website.

If you have questions regarding the scholarship, please email or call their office at (808) 535-6700.

Teachers who have completed the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) process and/or are NBPTS certified:
For fee reimbursement and pay bonus, contact the Hawaiʻi Department of Education Personnel Management Specialist Steven Harada:

Websites and Contact Information
Kamehameha Support Sessions
Kamehameha Schools provide support for teachers seeking certification. Contact Camille Romero, KS NB Program Coordinator, for more information at or 808-573-7285

NBCT-HI Network – Contact Tracey Idica

National Board Certification for first-time candidates.

Volunteer to Participate in National Board Field Tests.

Learn how to become an National Board Assessor.