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Please review this page for frequently asked questions and answers. If you can’t find your answer here, feel free to use the Contact Us page.


In response to the “Act Now Honolulu: No Social Gatherings” emergency order, starting August 18, 2020 HTSB’s office located in Dole Cannery at 650 Iwilei Road, Suite 268, Honolulu will reduce in-person access to staff but remain open from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, except State holidays. We are limiting all consultations to phone or online meetings. Please call us at 808-586-2600 or email to schedule a FaceTime/Skype/Zoom meeting or phone consultation. To date, our COVID-19 safety precautions have worked to prevent the spread of the disease in our office, and we thank you for helping us to keep it that way. You can continue to receive timely help, usually the same day, from HTSB’s licensing staff by one of the following options:

For everyone’s health and safety, visitors must follow these guidelines: 

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Applications and Messages

We are currently working on messages and applications submitted before January 12, 2021.   You will receive a notice when your application is approved or if we need additional information.  If you are currently enrolled in or have recently completed a State Approved Teacher Education Program, we will process your application after we receive the list of completers from your program. During peak application times, May – July and January – March, it may take up to six weeks to process your application, especially if we are waiting on documentation from agencies, schools, or organizations to support your application. Please click this link to see our document:  Where to Go: A Guide for Hawaii Teacher Applicants and Licensees with information about the different organizations Hawaii teacher applicants and licensees.


Question: How do I search active Hawaii licenses, without logging in?

Answer: On the home page of our website, visitors can search all active licenses in the Public License Search box. You can search by last name only, first name only or using both first and last name. Once you find the license, you will see the license field and grade level that the educator is licensed in, the duration of the active license and the license type (e.g. Emergency Hire Permit, Provisional License, Standard License). If you are having difficulty accessing the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board Public License Search, we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Our support team has informed us that this issue can be resolved by verifying that your browser is up to date and running the most recent version. They have also notified us that clearing “Cache images and files” as well as “Cookies and other site data” are other ways to resolve the issue. We have confirmed that these browsers are currently working well with our site: Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Question: Do I have to obtain a license to teach in Hawaii?

Answer: All public school teachers, counselors, and librarians must have a license or permit.  Private school teachers are not required by law to have a license, and should check with their school to find out if a license is required.  Click here to read the law requiring a license.  Click here to read about emergency hire teachers, who may teach while they obtain their license.  Click here to read about the penalty for teaching without a license or permit.

Question: How do I apply for an Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) License or Permit?

Answer: Click here to go to the Register/Login page.  When you create a new account, go to the Application tab in your record and start a new application.  If you need to convert your permit or license, add a new field, or renew, go to the License tab and select the appropriate button.

Question: How do I submit documents to the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board (HTSB)?

Answer:  Please scan and upload all required documents directly to the Documents tab in your HTSB account. This instantly notifies HTSB that a document has been added to your account. Due to COVID-19 protocols, documents submitted by regular mail may be subject to extended processing time.

Question:  Will I receive notification that it is time to pay my fee?

Answer: PLEASE NOTE: Due to the signing of ACT 116, there are no fees to pay when applying for a permit, license or adding a field.

Question:  Can I get an administrative license?

Answer: HTSB does not license administrative staff. Please contact the Hawaiʻi Department of Education at 808-586-3230.

Question:  How do I notify HTSB that I have changed my name?

Answer:  Please see the Changing Your Name page for more information.

Question:  I’m a military spouse, what procedure do I go though to get a teaching license?

Answer:  The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) is sponsored by the Department of Defense and provides financial assistance for eligible military spouses who are pursuing licenses or credentials leading to employment in portable career fields. You can telephone Military OnSource at 800-342-9647 for further information or visit the MyCAA website.



Question:  How will I know if I’m selected for the renewal audit?

Answer:  You will be notified by letter within one year from the date of your license renewal if you are chosen to participate in the audit.

Question:  Who has to sign my Verification of Experience for Renewal Form?

Answer:  If you are a Hawaiʻi Department of Education (DOE) employee, the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) will verify your employment with the DOE. For other licensees, an authorized school or district official can sign your Verification of Experience for Renewal Form (RA4010), example: your Principal, Superintendent or Headmaster.

Question: How do I know what kind of documentation to keep for the Verification of Satisfying Hawaii Teacher Performance Standards Documentation Form?

Answer: Documentation requirements are listed in Column 3 on each of the following Form RA 5010s:

Verification of Satisfying the Hawaiʻi School Counselor Performance Standards

Verification of Satisfying the Hawaiʻi School Librarian Performance Standards

Verification of Satisfying the Hawaiʻi Teacher Performance Standards

  Question:  I am not a Hawaii DOE employee–can I use another performance evaluation to meet the standards?

Answer:  Documentation requirements are listed in Column 3 on Form RA 5010

Question:  How do I renew my license?

Answer: Please see the Renewing Your License page for information on how to renew your license. You will receive a reminder email from HTSB when it is time to renew your license.

Follow these steps to process the renewal for your license:



Question:  How do I create an Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) login account?

Answer: Just follow these simple steps to create your online account:

Question: How can I change my account password?

Answer: Follow these steps to change your Password and other security-related information on your account:

Question: How can I retrieve my account password?

Answer: Follow these steps to retrieve a forgotten password:

Question:  How can I change the email associated with my account?

Answer:  Follow these steps to change your login email address:



Question:  Where can I get more information on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards?

Answer:  Visit our network website Hawaii NBCTs at and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website at



Question: How do I pay for my license or permit?

Answer: At this time, there are no fees for Hawaii teaching licenses and permits.



Question:  If I submitted this documentation to the Hawaiʻi Department of Education (DOE) do I have to also submit it to the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board (HTSB)?

Answer:  HTSB can request information from the DOE.  If your information cannot be shared you will have to submit documents to HTSB.

Question:  I am renewing my license, do I need to report the incident again?

Answer:  No, you do not need to answer “yes” if you already reported the incident and was cleared by HTSB. If there has been a new incident, you will need to report that incident.



Question:  If I submitted this documentation to the DOE do I have to also submit it to the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board (HTSB)?

Answer:  If  you marked HTSB as a score recipient when you took a Praxis test, HTSB should receive your score report.  If you took a previously active test, send a message to HTSB from your online record to see if that test can be used for licensure.