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Add a Teaching Field

You must submit an application to add a new license field to your existing Hawaii license. 

Click here for a guide on how to add a teaching field to an existing Hawaii license. Go to your license record and go to the Licenses/Permits tab.  Click the button that says “Add Teaching Field” and complete the application, saving after each section.  When you finish your application, click “Submit.”  HTSB licensing staff will evaluate your application.

Click here for a list of License Fields and Levels

Options for Adding a Field

There are five (5) options for adding new fields.  Click here for an overview of all five options. Click below for a description of each option.
  1. OPTION 1: Complete a State Approved Program in the New Field
  2. OPTION 2: Advanced Degree or Coursework with Experience or Pedagogy
  3. OPTION 3: Test and Experience or Pedagogy
  4. OPTION 4: Hawaii Advanced License and Coursework or Test


HTSB Guide: How to add a field to a license HTSB memo regarding Hawaiian Fields HTSB memo regarding Special Education Fields

License Fields that have special requirements

Adding a Hawaiian field to your license can be done using the normal add a field procedure outlined in this memo. For those interested in more information about the course HAW 490, please use these links to contact UH-Hilo or UH-Manoa.

The following have special requirements as added fields to Hawaii licenses.

These teaching fields may only be “added fields:”

  1. Ethnomathematics
  2. Middle Level Generalist
  3. Online Teaching
  4. Teacher Leader
  5. All Career and Technical Education Vocational Fields

These teaching fields may only be added by completion of a state-approved educator preparation program:

  1. School Librarian
  2. Reading Specialist
  3. Early Childhood Education
  4. School Counselor 

These teaching fields have additional options:

Literacy Specialist:

Online Teaching:




Teacher Leader: