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Disciplinary Actions

The Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board investigates violations of the HTSB Code of Ethics and Hawaii Administrative Rules §8-54-9.14 by licensees, permit holders, and applicants. Based on the documentation and evidence presented in cases (including testimony from individuals), the Board may take action on a license, permit, or application.  This action may include but is not limited to: revocation, suspension, or denial of application. The following are actions taken by the Board since 2007.
Last Name First Name MI Action Action Date
Akana Keith K Revoked 10/20/08
Anzai Lee N Revoked 07/21/08
Ardito Samuel J Revoked 02/03/23
Ballo Nancy C Revoked 10/07/16
Bankston Lamont M Revoked 04/11/23
Barford Jonathan A Revoked 03/14/23
Bart Randall T Suspended 10/28/11
Booker Christin N Application Denied 09/15/22
Brooks Erica L Revoked 10/07/16
Brummel Casey J Revoked 11/17/17
Bui David V Revoked 10/07/16
Cassens Jacob R Revoked 02/03/23
Chan Joshua G Revoked 09/15/22
Ching Laura M Revoked 02/03/23
Clancy (Muraviov) Danette S Application Denied 03/09/18
Connolly George F Revoked 09/15/22
Davis Clifford L Revoked 06/19/23
Drucker William E Revoked 12/10/07
Dunham Lora D Revoked 03/24/22
Dunn Anita K Revoked 03/24/22
Emura Kimberley A Discipline with Conditions 01/15/16
Emura Kimberley A Discipline Rescinded 06/26/20
Garcia John R Revoked 05/12/22
Gaulden Juliana M Revoked 03/09/08
Gelbard Adam S Suspended 06/16/16
Halley Gregory P Revoked 03/15/23
Harrison Emma L Revoked 06/19/23
Higa Robby N Revoked 03/24/22
Higa Robby N Application Denied 09/15/22
Huang Hsin-Yi Revoked 02/03/23
Jackola Mark W Revoked 02/03/23
Jacques James T Revoked 08/17/23
Jacques Stacy L Revoked 08/17/23
Jacques II William L Revoked 09/15/22
Jayatharan Thilakshan Revoked 03/24/22
Jones Nicholas G Revoked 03/24/22
Kickham Nathan D Revoked 09/15/22
Kilpatrick Cassandra L Revoked 09/21/23
Kim Joel Q Revoked 03/24/22
Lee Andy Revoked 09/15/22
Lewis Adam Revoked 09/15/22
Lewis Victoria Suspended 09/27/07
Lindberg Bryan E Revoked 02/22/13
Linn Khin May Revoked 09/15/22
Lotfy Ahmed G Revoked 09/15/22
Ma Yanhua Revoked 09/15/22
McCabe Merekete K Revoked 03/09/18
Montgomery-Shaw Tracy D Application Denied 01/25/19
Moore Kelly A Revoked 03/24/22
Murdock Marc A Revoked 06/19/15
Norwood Joseph M Revoked 01/25/16
Novoa Vincent A Revoked 03/24/22
O’Brien James P Revoked 02/27/23
Poblete Carolina Revoked 02/15/23
Porzig Mary Ellen Revoked 09/15/22
Rand Clint B Revoked 09/15/22
Safadoost Saeid Revoked 04/11/23
Schleager Jean T Application Denied 09/05/14
Schnittger Richard A Revoked 02/03/23
Shaw Carlos M Application Denied 10/04/19
Smith Van Revoked 02/03/23
Taitano Doris A Reinstated 11/18/11
Taitano Doris A Revoked 02/03/23
Tansley (Kugle) Bronsy (Bronwyn) M Revoked 07/21/08
Theriault Robert Application Denied 06/09/08
Tom Chris K Revoked 10/04/19
Ujimori Lawrence H Application Denied 03/10/08
Ujimori Lawrence H Denial Lifted 05/13/10
Waldvogel Peter M Revoked 02/03/23
Warman David Revoked 03/24/22
Waters Meghan M Surrendered 08/07/17
Waterstone John Revoked 03/24/22
Williams Gary S Revoked 02/27/23
Wright Michael A Suspended 10/04/19
Wu Xihua Revoked 02/03/23