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Model Code of Ethics for Educators

The Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE), was adopted by the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board June 2018. It was first created in 2015 by educators, for educators to be in line with professions that have had a code of ethics for over 100 hundred years (The American Medical Association created a code of ethics in 1847). Here is a link that describes the rationale for educator ethics. Adoption of the MCEE requires the Hawaii State Approved Teacher Education Programs to incorporate the MCEE into the knowledge base of graduates.
Link to the HTSB MCEE Flyer (rev12/12/19)
Professional Learning Opportunities:
Title Description  Details on how to register
Understanding the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (Online Course) This is a HIDOE PDE3 approved course facilitated by the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board and available for professional development credit in the HIDOE system. The course runs for two months and culminates with a digital learning results portfolio. This course features case study videos scenarios, reflections (video or written), on-site application, peer feedback and end of module quizzes. Course # PD185406 is available for registration through the HIDOE PDE3 website
NEA MCEE Micro Credentials NEA has released a stack of eight micro-credentials that are based on the MCEE Principles ( Like all of the NEA micro-credentials, this stack was created by educators for educators. NEA’s micro-credentials are free and open to the public. So please feel free to explore and share this resource across your networks. To access the full listing of NEA’s micro-credentials, please visit and browse the library.
Making the MCEE Real An interview with Dr. Troy Hutchings, national subject matter expert on educator ethics. This interview is a partnership with the HIDOE to make the MCEE tangible and understandable to current in-service teachers. [Link coming soon]