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Preparation Programs

Hawaii Based Programs:

Hawaiʻi State Approved Teacher Education Programs (SATEP) provide candidates with multiple ways to demonstrate proficiency in teaching performance prior to program completion and recommendation for licensure. When you contact a program, ask them which of the following they offer:
  1. Completion of traditional student teaching, internship and/or residency as defined in program accreditation requirements.
  2. Demonstration of teaching proficiency through a combination of documented satisfactory work experience and observation by the SATEP. Work experience is defined as contracted long-term substitute teaching, serving as a Hawaii Department of Education emergency hire teacher, or working in private or other school settings that do not require licensing.
  3. Passing an HTSB approved performance assessment normed for Hawaii in combination with any other requirements determined by the SATEP.

Disclaimer Regarding Out-of-State Teacher Education Programs:

An individual may be eligible for a Hawaiʻi license after completing an educator preparation program approved by another state/jurisdiction. This includes online and “alternative route” programs. It is the individual’s responsibility to seek confirmation in writing from the out-of-state preparation program and their state licensing agency that the program in which they enroll leads to a teaching license in the program’s home state.  
Hawaii Based Educator Preparation Programs New Business Item(s) of Approval
Brigham Young University-Hawaiʻi (BYU-H)
Chaminade University
  • NBI 20-29 (New PK-3 Level in Existing Initial Bachelor’s Degree Special Education) Program
  • NBI 19-29 (Extension of State Approval)
  • NBI 19-14 (Extension of state Approval for Teacher Leader Program)
  • NBI 18-22 (Add an Early Childhood Education PK-K Track at Bachelor’s level)
  • NBI 16-28 (State Approval)
Chaminade University: Behavioral Sciences (School Counseling)

Hawaiʻi Pacific University

iteach Hawaii
Kahuawaiola Indigenous Teacher Education Ka Haka ʻUla o Ke‘elikolani College of Hawaiian Language
Leeward Community College
  • NBI 20-02 (Extension of State Approval–Special Education)
  • NBI 17-02 (State Approval for Special Education Preparation Program for Initial Licensure)
  • NBI 15-10 (State Approval)
  • NBI 21-05 (State Approval)
  • NBI 21-10 (Letter of Intent for SPED PK-3 Initial Licensure Program)
Moreland University
Teach Away
  • NBI 19-31 (Letter of Intent for dual Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education Program)
  • NBI 18-21 (State Approval)
Teach For America
University of Hawaiʻi-Hilo

University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa

  • NBI 20-35 (Provisional Approval of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Added Field STEM Program)
  • NBI 20-34 (Provisional Approval of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Added Field Program in Special Education)
  • NBI 20-19 (Letter of Intent for New Special Education Added Field Program)
  • NBI 20-15 (Letter of Intent for New School Counseling Program)
  • NBI 20-14 (Letter of Intent for New Special Education Program)
  • NBI 20-13 (Letter of Intent for New TESOL Program)
  • NBI 20-12 (Letter of Intent for New STEM Program)
  • NBI 20-06 (Reinstate Health Licensure Programs)
  • NBI 19-35 (New Early Childhood Education Initial Licensure Track)
  • NBI 19-32 (Dual licensure in Elementary Education K-6 and Hawaiian Language Immersion K-6 at Bachelor’s degree level)
  • NBI 19-28 (Extension of State Approval for School Library Program)
  • NBI 19-13 (Revision of Grade Level for Literacy Specialist Program)
  • NBI 19-02 (Add a Post Baccalaureate Elementary Education Track for Initial Licensure)
  • NBI 18-02 (Revision of Special Education Field for Dual Special Education and Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education Programs)
  • NBI 18-01 (Add Ethnomathematics Program to Add a Field to Exiting Hawaii Licenses)
  • NBI 17-21 (Letter of Intent for Dual Hawaiian Fields and Secondary Education and Post-baccalaureate Programs)
  • NBI 17-20 (Letter of Intent for Dual Hawaiian Fields and Elementary Education Program)
  • NBI 17-19 (Add Korean and Samoan Programs)
  • NBI 17-04 (Add Dual Secondary Education and Special Education Program to MEdT)
  • NBI 16-42 (Add Early Childhood Education PK-3 and Special Education PK-3 Track to Existing Dual Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education/Special Education Preparation Programs)
  • NBI 16-41 (State Approval for Early Childhood Education PK-3 Added Field Program)
  • NBI 16-32  (Letter of Intent for Early Childhood Pk-3 Added Field Program)
  • NBI 16-31 (State Approval Dual Elementary Education and TESOL Program)
  • NBI 15-35 (Letter of Intent for Dual Elementary Education and TESOL program)
  • NBI 15-12 (State Approval for Teacher Leader Program)
  • NBI 14-23 (State Approval)
  • NBI 21-07 (State Approval)
University of Hawaiʻi – West Oahu
University of Phoenix-Hawaiʻi

Educator Preparation Program/Unit Review

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