Sunday, April 21, 2024 05:04 PM

School Counselor Performance Standard 4: Student Learning Outcomes

Candidates create and implement data-informed school counseling programs that positively impact student outcomes and promote educational equity and access. Candidates use pedagogical skills, collaborative strategies and referral systems to support student learning.

4.1 Plan, organize, and implement a variety of instructional and counseling strategies as part of a comprehensive school counseling program (direct and indirect student services) to improve preK-12 student attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

4.2 Collaborate with stakeholders such as families, teachers, support personnel, administrators, and community partners to create learning environments that promote educational equity, and support success and well-being for every student.

4.3 Describe how to access school and community resources to make appropriate referrals based on the needs of students.

4.4 Demonstrate pedagogical skills, including culturally responsive classroom management strategies, lesson planning, and personalized instruction.