Tuesday, May 22 2018 03:33 AM

Board New Business Items

This is the listing of the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board’s New Business Items for the current year. Click here to see the listing of New Business Items for Prior Years. HTSB Hawaii Revised Statute, click here. HTSB Hawaii Administrative Rules, click here.
Title of New Business Item Approved PDF Document
Consideration of Provisional Approval of Chaminade University of Honolulu’s Teacher Leader Program  9/8/2017 NBI 17-01
Consideration of Provisional Approval for Leeward Community College’s Special Education Educator Preparation Program for Initial Licensure  9/8/2017 NBI 17-02
Consideration of Letter of Intent from the University of Hawaii at Hilo’s Educator Preparation Program to Develop a Teacher Leader Program  9/8/2017 NBI 17-03
Consideration of the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Education’s Request to Add an Area of Focus of Dual Preparation in Secondary Education and Special Education to the Existing Master of Education in Teaching (MEdT)  9/8/2017 NBI 17-04
Options for State Approval for Hawaii Educator Preparation Programs  9/8/2017 NBI 17-05
Revision of Requirements for Adding the Field of Early Childhood Education PK-3 to an Existing Hawaii License  9/8/2017, Rev. 11/17/2017 NBI 17-06 NBI 17-06 Rev
Adoption of Updated Strategic Plan  9/8/2017 NBI 17-07
Adoption of Annual Report  9/8/2017 NBI 17-08 Report
License Affirmation  9/8/2017 NBI 17-09 Attachment
Options for Hawaii Educator Preparation Programs Using External Accrediting Organizations for Review to be Considered for State Approval 10/6/2017 NBI 17-10
Goals for the Executive Director for 2017-2018 10/6/2017 NBI 17-11
License Affirmation 10/6/2017 NBI 17-12
 Regarding Preparation Programs Recommending Licensure Candidates for Hawaiian Fields  11/17/2017  NBI 17-13
Approval of Suggested Language for Revision to Hawaii Revised Statute 11/17/2017 NBI 17-14
Approval of Revision to Hawaii Administrative Rules 11/17/2017 NBI 17-15
License Affirmation 11/17/2017 NBI 17-16
Case 16-14 11/17/2017 NBI 17-17
UH West Oahu Biology Program 1/19/2018 NBI 17-18
UH Manoa Korean and Samoan Languages 1/19/2018 NBI 17-19
UH Manoa Hawaiian Immersion Programs Elementary 1/19/2018 NBI 17-20
UH Manoa Hawaiian Immersion Programs Secondary 1/19/2018 NBI 17-21
HTSB Meeting Schedule 2018-2019 1/19/2018 NBI 17-22
Teacher Education Committee Chairperson 1/19/2018 NBI 17-23
Specialist Redescription 1/19/2018 NBI 17-24
License Affirmation 1/19/2018 NBI 17-25
License Field and Level Additions 3/9/2018 NBI 17-26
License Assessment Addition 3/9/2018 NBI 17-27
Options for Meeting Standards for License Renewal 3/9/2018 NBI 17-28
Revisions to Hawaii Administrative Rules 3/9/2018 NBI 17-29
License Affirmation 3/9/2018 NBI 17-30
Case 16-22 3/9/2018 NBI 17-31
Case 16-15 3/9/2018 NBI 17-32
Extension of State Approval for iTeach-Hawaii 4/13/2018 NBI 17-33
Letter of Intent UH-Manoa Ethnomathematics Program 4/13/2018 NBI 17-34
Strategic Plan for 2018-2019 4/13/2018 NBI 17-35
Election of HTSB Officers for 2018-2019 4/13/2018 NBI 17-36
License Affirmation 4/13/2018 NBI 17-37